Girlfriend Collective

I have turned into one of those girls that only wears leggings unless absolutely necessary not to. *horror face emoji* Adding to this sad situation, was an offer on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA back in September from a company called Girlfriend Collective - free leggings for the cost of shipping. The photos looked nice, the branding was on point, so I ordered them and waited... and waited... and waited. Finally got my fresh pair a couple of weeks ago and wasn't expecting much considering they are made out of recycled water bottles. But was pleasantly surprised!

Why I like them:

1. $22 for shipping and that's it.

2. They are high-waisted and they suck you in. No digging into your side flab.

3. So soft. They are made out of recycled water bottles, but feel like fluffy kittens against your skin. I hope you aren't allergic to kittens though. I am, so let's make it puppies.

4. They lift the booty. It's incredible. I feel like a woman. The lady above isn't really doing it justice with her bum. 

5. So simple. No weird cut-outs and details that are popular right now. The seams are placed for the best fit and lift.

I would order more, but then they will be the only thing I wear.