The Girls

I finished "The Girls" by Emma Cline over a month ago, but still finding myself thinking back to the book. The novel is about a pivotal moment in one's life, when a person starts to grows up, trying to break away from everything they have known, and find their own place in this world.

In an interview with the Paris Review, the author Emma Cline shared her insights:

... the moment on the cusp of adulthood - when we encounter how the world treats women and girls - and what it means to be a girl in the world. That age somehow has both a kind of innocence and a burgeoning awareness.
You start to reckon with the world around you, beyond the confines of your family, for the first time. I think it's a time when people look around to see what other models there are for living. You're susceptible to whoever presents the most charming model of living or lifestyle.
...the way people navigate the space between that idealism and where you end up.


I'm looking forward to Emma Cline's future work. It's going to be interesting to see whether she continues to explore the cusp of adulthood from a personal perspective or go in a different direction from her existing work.